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Feature Panel

The Feature Panel highlights a handful of key callouts. The Feature Panel is used to showcase our Unique Selling Points (USPs).


npm install @nib-components/feature-panel

Note: Feature Panel depends on the Icons component and therefore this package must be installed as well.


import FeaturePanel from '@nib-components/feature-panel';

Interactive demo

Why nib health insurance is worth it

Choose your Extras provider

For Extras like dental and physio, see any provider with professional qualifications recognised by nib.

Accidental Injury Benefit

Seek treatment at a hospital Emergency Department within 24 hours of an accident & if you need to be admitted, you'll receive benefits in line with our top hospital cover for the next 90 days.

Emergency Ambulance

No annual limits on Emergency Ambulance transportation - excludes residents of QLD and TAS who have ambulance services provided by their State Ambulance Schemes.



children (required)nodeAccepts any number of <FeaturePanel.Feature>'s as children but it is recommended to have 3 or 6 featues for the three-column layout to work best.
titlestringThe feature panel title.
titleComponentstringh2The component for the feature panel title. To ensure that you have a logical, semantic heading hierarchy.
displayIconsbooleantrueIf you wish, you can hide the icons on mobile to match the default <6.0.0 behavior.


children (required)nodeThe feature content.
icon (required)componentThe feature icon. Must be a valid Graphic icon defined in @nib/icons.
titlestringThe feature title.
titleComponentstringh3The component for the feature title. To ensure that you have a logical, semantic heading hierarchy.


The Feature Panel can be used to highlight any number of features, however 3 or 6 works best due to the three column layout of the component. We recommend including up to a maximum of 6 key features our users may care about.

There is a special two-column layout for Feature Panel's with 2 or 4 features if required.


Both the Feature Panel title and the title for each of the features are optional, though it is encouraged that both are included. Titles are best kept short.


A key visual for this component is the icon denoting each highlighted feature. Icons are required for each feature and must use a Graphic icon. When selecting an appropriate icon be sure to consider any existing uses and associations the icon has to prevent confusion for the user.

Icons can be hidden on small screens if required. This is done to reduce the height of the panel when the features are stacked into a single column on mobile.


Each feature should include a short description in addition to the icon and title. Often it is desired to be able to link to relevant pages for further information on a specific features, and that is fully supported. To do so, import our Link component and use within your feature description.

When writing descriptions, keep them to less than 200 characters. Do not include any other components as children except text and links - no buttons.