Design Tokens for Mesh have just been released!
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Design tokens for Figma

Understanding Tokens and Variables in Figma

In Figma, tokens are imported, stored and utilised as Variables. They can be applied to a range of contexts depending on their type, such as color values, dimensions, spacing, or typography attributes. In these applications, variables are generally tied to styling tokens from Mesh, but can also be utilised to populate content and unlock powerful prototyping interactions.

For that reason, we may refer to tokens and Variables interchangeably, but will generally imply the former meaning unless in the context of prototyping or dynamic content.

Docs coming soon!

We're still working on further documentation about using tokens in Figma, but an onboarding exercise and component playground are available for you to explore and experiment. Please reach out to the Design Ops team via the #figma channel on Slack to gain access.