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We have three standard templates for creating emails at nib. Each template has been responsively designed and tested, with a html template available from each page. While the templates have been client-tested, you should always run acceptance testing to ensure your chosen client still renders the code appropriately.

If your campaign requires components from more than one template, you can interchange the sections from each as required. Our templates are marked up accordingly to enable easy identification of each component.

In the event of being unable to use the coded template (e.g. your chosen platform doesn’t allow the use of html), campaigns should adhere to the design specifications outlined on each template page as closely as possible.

Newsletter template

The template for newsletter-style communications which feature articles or supporting web pages.

Newsletter email template

Quote template

The template featuring product and pricing details, best used for sending a policy quote.

Quote template coming soon

A quote template is currently in development for use across the nib group. It will be available here once it has been tested.

Quote email template

Kitchen sink template

The template that has all other email design components, including headers, footers, buttons and more - everything you need to create your own on brand eDM.

Kitchen sink email template