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Images in customer communications play a very important role in conveying messages about the nib brand and our target market. As a result, the style of images we use must meet a very specific photo brief which ensures we produce a strong point of difference between nib and competitor images.

Example imageExample imageExample image

Considerations to be mindful of when selecting imagery:


  • Natural light
  • Outdoor scenes
  • Incidental green
  • Simple concepts
  • Happy people
  • Everyday activities
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Season neutral
  • Diversity
  • Natural emotion displayed


  • Use overly stylised imagery
  • Use unrealistic situations
  • Use images of people with too much make up
  • Include trends (clothing, fidget spinners)


For further information and questions regarding the use of imagery please contact the nib Design Communications team via email at [email protected].