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Our icon library presents pixel-perfect, scalable SVG-based icons that are light, simple, and clearly recognisable, while being distinctive and complementary to the nib brand. Our icon library includes system and graphic icon assets.


You can download all of our icons as a single zip file in SVG or PNG format below.

If you require an icon that isnโ€™t available, please fill out the request an icon email form.

System and graphic icons

The nib design system uses two types of icons; System icons and Graphic icons.

System icons are functional pictograms that represent a task or content a user may expect to view. You would typically see a system icon when interacting with an nib digital product like online services or our app.

Graphic icons add visual expression to accompanying content and are non-functional.

System icons




View system icon library

Graphic icons





View graphic icon library


Core icon colors.

True Green

Token: trueGreen

Hex: #144a38

Bright Green

Token: brightGreen

Hex: #82e578

Clear White

Token: clearWhite

Hex: #ffffff


Token: darkest

Hex: #434343

Special icon colors.

Success Green

Token: success

Hex: #007800

Info Blue

Token: info

Hex: #005bb9

Error Red

Token: error

Hex: #c81414

Warning Yellow

Token: warning

Hex: #ffb400


Icons should always be vertically aligned to the middle of text baseline.

Want to contribute to our icon library?

For further information and instructions see our icon contribution guidelines. Sorry, nib employees only.