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Some browsers cannot natively support certain functionality used by Mesh components. In these cases, a polyfill is required.

As stated by Remy Sharp, who coined the term, polyfill is "a piece of code that provides the technology that you expect the browser to provide natively". In other words, it is code that allows browsers to perform modern functions that are not supported out of the box.

There are a number of Mesh components which rely on modern browser features and therefore a polyfill is required.

While there is no official polyfill method that we advocate, the following have been used in existing solutions:

When working in Gatsby or NextJS environments, it is advised to use the official plugins where possible. For example, if using the polyfill.io, there is a Gatsby plugin gatsby-plugin-polyfill-io. One thing to note in NextJS environments, you may also need to transpile the Mesh components to work with Next sites.