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Tech support

This page documents the essential technologies and tools which must be used when working with or consuming Mesh components.


All components are built using React and is therefore a dependency for Mesh.

We currently have support for Version 16.3.0 of React and above.

We do not support earlier 16.x versions as this was the initial release of the Context API and as version 16 was released in 2017, we do not maintain support for earlier versions of React.

Styled Components

Styled Components is used by all React components for styling through CSS-in-JS.

We currently have support for Version 4 and Version 5 of Styled Components. If using version 5 of Styled Components, you will need to use React version 16.8.0 as a minimum for hooks support.

We do not support earlier than version 4 as this release removed the .extend() function, and replaced injectGlobal with createGlobalStyle as breaking changes. As we use createGlobalStyle and other version 4 features including the as prop, is it not backward compatible.