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Rebrand released

The nib rebrand has made it's way to the Mesh Design System! We have officially released the first version of the rebranded components. Below is a brief summary of what we have done and what else will be released in the near future.

nib logo changes
nib logo changes. Old logo on the left; new logo on the right.

Make sure to read the official nib announcement for more background on the rebrand and its impact in other areas of the business.

What we've done

The main changes in the rebrand release are:

  • Brand new Theme for nib. We provided a nibLegacy theme for the older theme version that you can use if necessary.
  • Major bump to each Mesh package released on Jan 15.
  • New Figma libraries for Foundations and Components.
  • New foundational guidelines for Colors and Typography.

For a full component breakdown of the changes we have made, read here. Note that a GitHub account is required to access this page.

What's still to come

Given the short deadline for this initial release, there are a number of additional tweaks and features that have not yet been released.

The following features are on our roadmap and will be made available in the near future:

  • Additional tweaks to Mesh components that didn't make the cut in the first release.
  • Adding design tokens to Mesh.
  • Rebranding the CSS Framework.
  • Dark mode favicon.
  • Illustration usage guidelines.
  • Mesh site design and IA updates.
  • Add new brand assets to Mesh.
  • Update email templates in Mesh.
  • Fix up some documentation inconsistencies.

Feedback and Thank yous

Thanks to eveyone who helped design, build and test these changes. It wouldn't have been possible to get this out as efficiently as we did without all the input from you all!

Please reach out if you have any questions or feedback or help on what you need to do to update your assets. We're available on Slack, Workplace or by email.

Posted 28/01/2022